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Things to Do In Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is known for being a multifaceted destination with an industrial side, natural icons and colonial buildings. It’s one of the most populated cities in Mexico and one with the best economies as it is home to many national and international companies. Because of this and more, Mexico’s Industrial Capital, the Sultana del Norte or City of Mountains, names that Monterrey receives, offers business, adventure and family tourism a big array of options to make the best out of a trip.

Considered the cultural capital of Mexico’s northeast because of its numerous museums, Monterrey also possesses one of Mexico’s most succulent gastronomies. You just can’t leave the city without tasting the delicious Cabrito and machaca con huevo accompanied by hot flour tortillas.

Visit downtown Monterrey to admire an area that gathers old colonial architecture buildings such as the Palace of Government, the Fountain of Life and the Monterrey Cathedral. The Barrio Antiguo de Monterrey (Monterrey’s Old Neighborhood), within the downtown area, will take you to a past time through its charming cobblestoned streets, museums and buildings from the XIX century.

The weather in Monterrey is hot most of the year, reaching temperatures of 36 C during summer. Nevertheless, during winter Monterrey turns white in the highest parts of the Metropolitan Zone.

What to Visit in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon:

  • Macroplaza.

The Macroplaza puts together the best of Monterrey, Mexico. It congregates a big amount of monuments, businesses and recreational centers in a 40 hectares area, which makes it the world’s 5th largest plaza. Some big highlights of this area are the Faro del Comercio, a monument of 70 meters height, the Monterrey Metropolitan Cathedral and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Also it’s worth mentioning the Paseo Santa Lucia, a 2.5 km path that includes lighted fountains, murals, green areas and many attractions. The Paseo Santa Lucia connects the Macroplaza with the Fundidora Park.

  • Fundidora Park.

It’s one of the country’s most important public parks and the first museum of industrial archeology in Mexico. Within this part are some of the most popular places of interest in Monterrey, including the Monterrey International Business Center (CINTERMEX), the Arena Monterrey, the Banamex Auditorium and the Plaza Sesamo Park.

  • Cola de Caballo Falls.

It’s 40 km away from Monterrey, in the municipality of Villa de Santiago. The waterfall takes its name from the shape of its fall, which reaches the 25 meters and it’s similar to a horse tail. Because of its tourist important, this area has been adapted with restaurants, snack bars and souvenirs shops.